About Azaniaaid
Azaniaaid.com is a social networking platform. With our new feature, the user can boost posts, photos, advertisement, and also market their product including their website for more traffic.

About Us

Azaniaaid, is an African online social media platform, created to better good, proper communication that connects people no matter where they are and where there are from, with a secured and free connection thus goes to over 2 billion retail users around the globe, individuals and business communicate with their followers or loved ones through high HD quality audio, video calls, messaging, and much more. All Azaniaaid messages, chats, audio and video calls are protected by built-in end-to-end encryption, so users can be assured that their conversations are safely secured.

Who We Are

Azaniaaid online social network platform is an evolution of change century excellence new breed of organization that brings together different nationalities in one roof to debate, discuss and continue to make some meaningful contributions around the globe with world-class entrepreneurs, ordinary citizens and including government policymakers. Ours is to continue to impact our diverse nations, that live in donation or social aid from those who control the global economy, in order to promote direct citizens or cooperative good communication in the whole world. We pour our hearts and souls into creating an innovative and exciting quality of work that constantly delivers on strategy and consistently exceeds your expectations. Our volunteers committed subscribers gives us courage that all is not lost to make our global citizens, a better place for all who live in it. Our diverse talented tank thinkers and volunteer subscribers are complemented by trusted work and we pass this hard, soft saving onto our communities.